Puerto Vallarta

Discover Puerto Vallarta’s charm: stroll the Malecón, savor local cuisine, embark on jungle adventures, and relax on pristine beaches. Unforgettable experiences await!

How to find us

Welcome to our cozy resort
in the heart of Puerto Vallarta

Indulge in a genuine tropical haven along Mexico’s Pacific coast. Our prime location grants effortless exploration of city treasures, from idyllic beaches to acclaimed eateries, upscale boutiques, and vibrant nightlife.

Nestled at the heart of Puerto Vallarta’s cultural tapestry, our guests bask in an authentic Mexican immersion, relishing all the offerings of this dynamic destination. Anticipate an unforgettable getaway at our resort, the ideal launchpad for discovering the allure of Puerto Vallarta’s beauty!

Seek Our Presence:
  • Púlpito #180
    Emiliano Zapata, C.P. 48380
    Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México.
  • Phone MEX: +52 (322) 222-3556
    Toll Free USA/CAN: 1-855-202-2236

  • Email:

What to Experience in Puerto Vallarta

Our fantastic location truly means that the best of Puerto Vallarta is at your fingertips, no rental car needed.
Need assistance from our concierge? personalconcierge@resortsbypinnacle.com


Where tropical skies and vibrant spirit embrace

Imagine this: cobblestone streets lined with vibrant boutiques, delectable aromas wafting from hidden cafes, and the rhythmic pulse of nightlife just steps away. This is your reality at our conveniently located hotel in the heart of Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone.

Leave the car behind: Explore everything Puerto Vallarta has to offer within walking distance.

  • Beachside bliss: Soak up the sun on iconic Los Muertos Beach, two blocks away, or hop on a water taxi to discover secluded south shore havens like Las Animas and Yelapa.
  • Culinary adventures: From world-renowned Cafe des Artistes to hidden street food gems, savor the best of Puerto Vallarta’s diverse culinary scene, all steps from your door.
  • Immerse in the vibrant pulse: Dive into the energy of the Malecon’s bars and clubs, experience the LGBTQ+ friendly charm of the Romantic Zone, or enjoy the arts and culture of the gallery and theater districts.
  • Treasure hunt: Discover unique Mexican crafts, high-end tequila, and local delicacies at charming boutiques and bustling weekend markets.

Beyond the doorstep: Our expert concierge unlocks the door to endless possibilities.

  • Thrill seekers: Zipline through jungles, navigate ATV trails, or conquer the ocean waves with scuba and snorkel adventures.
  • Nature lovers: Explore lush botanical gardens, discover the wonders of the zoo, or embark on whale-watching excursions.
  • Family fun: Enjoy boat cruises, deep-sea fishing trips, and endless activities within easy reach.

Your ideal Puerto Vallarta escape awaits. Leave the planning to us and get ready to experience the best of the city, all from the heart of the action.

A Comprehensive Look at Puerto Vallarta

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