Although your vacation rental comes with everything you need for an incredible vacation, we found three new travel gadgets that are perfect for traveling to our destination.

Here are our picks for top travel gadgets of 2018 to enhance your trip to Puerto Vallarta.

The Sandless Beach Mat – With the beach just steps away from Pinnacle Resorts, this beach mat is a terrific addition to your vacation packing. This innovative beach mat features a unique weave that has a “one-way sift” ensuring sand will fall through to the ground and not come back up and sticking to you, your food, drinks or belongings.

$40 to $166 USD on Amazon

Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron – Cotton and linen are perfect fabrics for a Mexican vacation, but they don’t always pack well. Get the wrinkles out quickly with the world’s smallest mini travel steam iron, which is about the size of a computer mouse but packs a lot of power.

$17.99 USD on Amazon

Spectacles Sunglasses for Snapchat – Keep your social media game on point while looking stylish with these high-tech sunglasses that record snaps and sync them to your Snapchat Memories. As an added bonus, their case also functions as a charger.

$129.99 on Amazon

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