Guests at Resorts by Pinnacle not only enjoy spacious luxury suites in the Romantic Zone, they enjoy easy, walkable access to the best of Puerto Vallarta, including the iconic Malecon.  On the Malecon, there are numerous attractions and sights to be seen including Puerto Vallarta’s famous bronze sculptures lining the walkway.  But look to the beach and you will see other impressive sculptures, albeit sculptures of a more temporary sort.

We are talking about the incredible sandcastles of Puerto Vallarta.  Sand artists spend days, weeks and countless man hours constructing incredible sandcastles and works of art for the public to enjoy.  Their creations are often inspired by Puerto Vallarta itself and the natural beauty that is found here, the changing holiday seasons or sometimes they are religiously themed.  Regardless of the subject, the use of the medium is impressive, with many of the sculptures reaching dimensions larger than your average Puerto Vallarta taxi!

Be sure to visit the Malecon sandcastles during your Puerto Vallarta vacation and be sure to leave a small donation in the marked boxes for the artists, particularly if you are taking photos.  The sand artists provide their works on donation only, so a contribution to allow them to continue their public art project is always appreciated.

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