No vacation in Puerto Vallarta is complete without some Tequila, the national spirit of Mexico made exclusively here in our home State of Jalisco. You will find Tequila shops all over town, many of which are just a stroll away from your luxury vacation rental in Old Town Puerto Vallarta at Pinnacle Resorts, and of course, Tequila is served at all bars and restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. But which one do you pick and how should you drink them? We have a quick Pinnacle Guide to Tequila to get you started. 

All Tequila is made from the blue agave plant, but it comes in 5 distinct types: 

Blanco or Silver Tequila: this is unaged Tequila which is idea for making mixed drinks like margaritas or palomas. But although the silver is usually unaged or sometimes stored for a few weeks in stainless steel tanks, there are some distilleries that produce excellent blanco Tequila that is meant to be enjoyed on its own. How to you tell the difference? Generally, by the price.  

Joven or Gold Tequila: this is the trickster of Tequila, as it is an unaged (blanco) version that has added ingredients, often caramel colouring, to make it appear like an aged Tequila. A gold Tequila is ideal for margaritas but be careful because the extra sugar in the coloring can be a great recipe for a hangover.  

Reposado Tequila: meaning “rested” this is an aged Tequila that has been in oak barrels for no less than two months and up to one year. This aging process is where the flavors and nuances of the Tequila take hold and resposados make up for the majority of Tequila sales. 

Añejo Tequila: this is an extra aged Tequila that will be in sealed oak barrels for a minimum of one yearmade in batches no larger than 600 liters per barrel by law. Añejo Tequila is made for sipping, preferably in a brandy snifter to really appreciate the flavor profile. 

Extra Añejo Tequila: this classification of Tequila was only made official in 2006 and must be aged over 3 years. They are usually very rich in flavor and color and come with a very rich price tag to match. 

Distilleries will also often bottle a “reserva de casa” which is a premium hand-cut bottle produced in limited batches, as well as flavored Tequilas and Tequila cream which are quite delicious and perfect for those who want a softer type of liquor.  

Pay a visit to Signature Lounge or Sky Bar at Residences and ask our expert bartenders for their Tequila recommendations at Puerto Vallarta’s best happy hour held every afternoon at Pinnacle Resorts.  

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