Everyone knows Tequila comes from Mexico, but did you know that the birthplace of Tequila and the only region where real Tequila is made, is right here in the State of Jalisco, just a few hours away from Puerto Vallarta?  If trying Tequila wasn’t on your list of Puerto Vallarta vacation plans (and we know that it was!) here are a few reasons to add it:

  1. It’s a low-calorie alcohol, meaning you can keep that beach body looking great!
  2. Studies show it can lower bad cholesterol and may actually raise good cholesterol.
  3. Because it adds to probiotics, it can help stimulate digestion and rev up your metabolism.
  4. It’s gluten-free, meaning those with gluten allergies and carb-counters can enjoy it.

But how do you know which Tequila to try? Our expert bartenders at Signature Lounge and Pinnacle Sky Bar are there to offer you their professional recommendations from our carefully curated selection of Tequilas. Or, for a bespoke experience, talk to your Pinnacle Resorts Concierge about setting up a private tasting with Vallarta Tequila Tastings, local experts that can arrange one of five different private Puerto Vallarta Tequila tasting experiences for you to enjoy in the comfort of your luxury Puerto Vallarta vacation rental at Pinnacle Resorts. However you enjoy it – sip, shot or mixed- Tequila is a must for any Puerto Vallarta visit.

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