Resorts by Pinnacle offers luxury accommodations in the Romantic Zone not just for you, but for your furry friends also! As one of the few pet-friendly resorts in Puerto Vallarta, we know that having your pet on vacation can make your holiday just that much better. But it’s important to remember to protect your pet from the sun to ensure a happy, healthy holiday for everyone. We found a few Sun Tips for Pets to help you prepare.

  1. Apply sunscreen to your pet frequently. Be sure to use a specially formulated dog sunscreen, because many human-grade sunscreens are toxic to animals, especially those that contain PABA or zinc oxide. Pay attention to the pink parts of your pet: nose, groin, ears and belly.
  2. Take a siesta. It’s a great idea for both you and your pet to head inside or under shade for the hottest part of the day, between 12 and 2pm.
  3. Just a trim! It may seem like a haircut will help keep your pet cooler, but in reality, a long coat of half an inch helps to protect your dog’s skin from the sun.
  4. Get him some shades. Doggie sunglasses, like Doggles, protect your pet’s eye from canine melanoma.

And remember, make sure your dog always has a bowl of fresh water whenever you are out. And talk to your Resorts by Pinnacle concierge for a list of pet-friendly restaurants in Puerto Vallarta for you and your 4 legged friend to try while you are on vacation.

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