Summer has come to Puerto Vallarta and it is the perfect time to be lounging by the pool at any Resorts by Pinnacle property.  But it’s important that you protect your skin from the strong summer rays while enjoying your luxury Puerto Vallarta vacation with us, so we have some easy Summer Sun Tips to keep your skin beautiful and burn-free while you are on vacation.

Out with the Old.  Sunscreen breaks down and loses its effectiveness with time.  Go through your sunscreen collection, toss old or expired bottles and buy new products.

Staying Power. If you are going to be in and out of the pool or working out in the sun, look for a waterproof sunscreen.  But even with waterproof, remember to reapply as it will become ineffective after about 80 minutes in the water or with prolonged heavy sweating.

Broaden You Search. Look for a sunblock that is labeled “broad spectrum,” which means that it protects from both the sun’s UVA rays (wrinkles, aging, skin cancer) and UVB rays (sunburn and skin cancer).

Get SPF Savvy. Sun protection factor (SPF) is important as it indicates the level of protection offered by your sunscreen.  The higher the SPF the longer you will be protected from UVB rays before your skin becomes red and starts to burn. For anything more than casual exposure, choose an SPF of at least 30.

Whether you are enjoying our fabulous pools or the beaches accessible just minutes away from our luxury hotel in the Romantic Zone, make sure to practice safe sun while you are enjoying your Puerto Vallarta vacation.

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