We all love tacos – they’re just too good to not love. We’ve got great news, there’s a huge Taco Festival happening from 2pm to 10pm at Puerto de Luna Hotel on April 15th and 16th. This is an event you taco-lovers simply can’t miss while enjoying your Romantic Zone luxury accommodations  in Puerto Vallarta.

Have you ever asked yourself where tacos actually came from and how they got to be so popular? Well unfortunately the exact origin of the taco is still unknown, but its name has been traced back to the 18th century. In that time, a taco was known to Mexican miners as a small charge – gunpowder wrapped in a piece of paper. Imagine biting into one of those! Although, if you put enough hot sauce on your taco these days, it sure does feel like an small explosive went off in your mouth.

Although the name taco has been traced back to 18th century Mexico, it is extremely likely that eating tacos has been a tradition in the country for much longer than that. The Aztecs worshipped maize (corn), and used it to make tortillas, tamales, and other corn based foods and beverages. It’s safe to assume that at one point or another, someone came up with the brilliant idea of wrapping their food in a tortilla.

Puerto Vallarta’s Festival del Taco is a modern day celebration of the deliciousness that is tacos. It is the perfect opportunity to try all kinds of different tacos from the city’s taquerias, and learn a little more about the culture of Mexico while you’re at it!

Pencil it in to your vacation itinerary, because missing this savoury event is not an option while you enjoy your stay in your luxury accommodation in Puerto Vallarta.  

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