While the beaches of Puerto Vallarta are spectacular, it is difficult to imagine a much more beautiful place than the Botanical Garden of Puerto Vallarta, on the slope of the Sierra Madre. Located in Cabo Corrientes, about 35 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta, the Botanical Garden has delighted visitors since 2005.  

With the mission of “creating the most important botanical garden in Mexico for the propagation, study, discovery, conservation and exhibition of native plants of Mexico for the enjoyment of Puerto Vallarta residents and our visitors,” the Botanical Garden is a quiet place Beauty place where visitors can marvel at the incredible biodiversity of our region.  

The Botanical Garden of Puerto Vallarta is a wonderful place to spend the day, walk along its paths or even take a dip in the river. There is also an excellent restaurant where you can enjoy Mexican cuisine. 

The Botanical Garden is open every day from December to March and closes on Mondays from April to November, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Admission is $ 200 pesos per person and children under 4 years do not pay. The use of sunscreen and insect repellent is recommended.  

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