Pinnacle Resorts is a proud supporter and host of the LGBT community in Puerto Vallarta and with the only luxury accommodations in the Romantic Zone, we are a favorite choice for gay travelers. So why is Puerto Vallarta one of the leading beach destinations for gay travel? We have just a few reasons.

  • A warm welcome for the LGBT community. Puerto Vallarta is a safe destination for gay vacationers, with a very liberal and accepting view from our local population.
  • LGBT- owned businesses for LGBT travelers. Our local area has numerous businesses that cater specifically to the needs of the gay, lesbian and trans community in Puerto Vallarta.
  • Gay by Day. There are many gay tours and activities in Puerto Vallarta marketed specifically to the LGBT community, as well as numerous beach and ocean clubs that cater to LGBT tourists.
  • Gay by Night. Puerto Vallarta’s gay club scene is world famous and goes until the break of dawn.

Pinnacle Resorts is proud to be part of our local LGBT business community and honored to be the luxury travel choice for LGBT vacations in Puerto Vallarta on TripAdvisor. Plan your Puerto Vallarta vacation and book your stay with us today.

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