Kathleen Peddicord, editor of Live and Invest Overseas, has again published the World’s Best Places to Live or Retire list and it’s no surprise that Puerto Vallarta ranked as one of the top ten most desirable destinations.

Already boasting an expat community of over 40,000 people, largely from the United States and Canada, Puerto Vallarta has a lot to offer in terms of great retirement living:

• Affordability
• Excellent and inexpensive health care
• An incredible year-round climate
• Security
• Easy accessibility from several major travel hubs
• A vibrant arts and culture scene
• Wonderful culinary options
• Leisure activities from watersports to golfing and everything in between
• An active and social expat community
• Warm, friendly people

And all of the things that make Puerto Vallarta an ideal place to retire, also make the city one of the most exciting resort destinations in the world to visit. Resorts by Pinnacle puts you in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, with luxury accommodations within easy walking distance to the best restaurants and attractions in the city.

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