Did you know that our luxury vacation rentals in the Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone are pet-friendly? In fact, Pinnacle Resorts is one of the few pet-friendly resorts in Puerto Vallarta, so your best furry friend is always more than welcome. We have a few pet-travel tips to help make your journey to Puerto Vallarta as easy as possible, for you and your pet.

  • Although not all airlines require it, if possible, book a direct flight.
  • As per Mexican regulations, have a full travel health certificate from your veterinarian dated within 10 days of your arrival to Puerto Vallarta.
  • Be sure that your pet carrier is large enough in size for your pet and make sure that your pet is familiar and comfortable being in the carrier well in advance of your travel date.
  • Do not feed your pet 4 hours prior to your trip, and if you are able, add a collapsible water bottle with a few ice cubes in the pet carrier, to work as a time-release water system.

And, of course, once you arrive, you will want other travelers to love your pet as much as you do, so remember to be courteous:

  • Always keep your pet leashed in public areas and respect non-pet areas and restaurants.
  • Use only designated potty areas and remember to pick up after your pet.

If you have any questions about our pet-friendly vacation rental suites in Puerto Vallarta, please contact us by using our online chat system, and we will be happy to help.

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