Part of the fun of celebrating New Year’s Eve in Puerto Vallarta is adding some Mexican cultural traditions to your night. Here are a few of our fun favorites that you might want to make part of your Puerto Vallarta vacation celebrations.

12 Grapes
This is a very common New Year’s tradition in Mexico that is commonly practiced. A bowl of 12 grapes is set on the table, each grape meant to represent a different month of the year. Take a grape and should it be sweet, the corresponding month will be happy and prosperous, but should it be sour, prepare for some challenges that month.

Luckily, as you are already on vacation, enjoying your luxury vacation rental in the Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone at Pinnacle Resorts, you will have some luggage handy. Grab an empty suitcase and take a quick stroll around the block to ensure that 2019 will be full of new and exciting travel plans.

Colored Underwear
This Mexican New Year’s tradition is maybe the most fun and everyone’s favorite. The color of your undergarments may well just determine what lays ahead in 2019. For money and success, wear yellow under your clothes. On a search for love? Choose red.

Whichever way you celebrate in Puerto Vallarta, the team at Pinnacle Resorts wishes you a very Happy New Year and the best for 2019!

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