New Year’s Eve in Mexico comes with a lot of traditions and superstitions thought to get the New Year off to on the right foot.  Here are a few of the more unusual traditions that will be practiced in houses around Puerto Vallarta this December 31st.

 Eat Some Grapes:  At midnight, eat 12 grapes, each representing the coming months of 2015.  A sweet grape means you’ll have a good month.  A sour grape means not so great.

 Coin Toss:   Mexicans always believe in starting the New Year with a clean house and at midnight you should sweep out the dirt from your front door, throw 12 coins onto the ground and then sweep them back inside your house, to bring you wealth and prosperity for the coming year.

 Change your Underwear:  To bring good things into 2015, on New Year’s Eve women wear red underwear for love, yellow for happiness and prosperity, green for good health, pink for friendship, and white for peace. 

 Look Out Below:  Mexicans typically toss a bucket of water out the window at midnight to bring a fresh start to 2013.

 Get Your Bags:  To bring yourself travels and safe journeys, at midnight, take your empty suitcase and walk around your house or block.  Or if you’ve had a bit too much tequila, it also works to just pile the suitcases up in the center of the room and walk around them a few times.

 Whatever your traditions or superstitions about New Year’s Eve, Resorts by Pinnacle wishes you health, wealth and happiness for 2015.  Happy New Year!

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