Puerto Vallarta is one of the most attractive touristic destinations in Mexico.

The geographic location and natural resources surrounding Puerto Vallarta make it an ideal place to do a lot of kind of activities, including extreme activities.

This category has grown a lot in the last years and you can practice them in the beach or the forest. Tourism in Puerto Vallarta has developed a lot because is the perfect place to do different activities.

We enlist some options to choose when you´re on vacation in Puerto Vallarta:

Zipline: There are many parks around the city and that give you the opportunity to enjoy the zipline and slice between and up the trees in a high speed. Here you can have marvellous views and feel the adrenaline in your body.

Skydiving: One of the extreme activities that generate the most adrenaline and passion is without doubt skydiving. Jump into the void from hundreds of meters high and feel the air in your body as you are falling until the parachute opens and gives you a different perspective.

This is definitely an activity to do in Puerto Vallarta, because as well as you can feel the adrenaline when you are falling from the sky, you can also have a superb view. Puerto Vallarta is considered as one of the best sites for skydiving in Mexico.

Surf: Bahia de Banderas and the surrounding beaches are perfect places with great waves to practice surf.

There are some surf schools and surf centers in Puerto Vallarta for adventurers who want to stand up for the first time in the table or enjoy the big waves for the most experimented ones.

Rafting and kayak: Cuale River, located near the city centre, is a perfect scenario for all kind of extreme sports, including rafting.

Strong currents are good for tours than can last more than an hour, and of course, it´s a great place for those who love kayak.

These are some options to choose if you love extreme activities, as you enjoy the luxury accommodation in Puerto Vallarta with Resorts by Pinnacle.

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