We at Pinnacle group celebrated our posada this past weekend and we thought that we would share a little bit about the types of Christmas celebrations in Mexico.

Our Pinnacle posada leaned more towards your traditional office party, albeit a whole lot more fun and in a glamourous setting!  Our own Villa Paraiso was the venue and the beautiful terrace space overlooking the ocean is absolutely the perfect place for a party.  Food, drink, games and gifts were enjoyed by all, as well as some dancing…some of which could possibly be attributed to the drink…but hey, don’t go to a party in Mexico unless you’re prepared to have a good time!

But there are also traditional posada celebrations that are currently being held in Puerto Vallarta and all over Mexico.  The word “posada” literally translates to “inn” and it is a reference to the story of Mary and Joseph searching for a place to welcome the Baby Jesus.   Traditional posadas are usually a group or community event, with half of the attendees playing the role of innkeepers, who will stay inside, and the others who will be outside carrying candles and representing Mary and Joseph.  Both sides will sing a call and response song until the innkeepers throw open the doors to let them in and the party begins.

Our Pinnacle posada and the traditional posadas are the perfect example of the wonderful duality that is unique to Puerto Vallarta:  a city rich with modern, international sophistication that yet still retains its unblemished Mexican charm and culture.  It’s just one of the reasons why our guests come to visit us again and again.

To all of our readers, we hope that your Christmas celebrations are as merry as ours.

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