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In our last blog, we recommended Uncork Mexico as the perfect way to discover some of the amazing wines being produced in Mexico. But truly, no visit to Puerto Vallarta is complete without spending some time with our most famous export – Tequila!

Of course, you can and should visit the friendly bartenders at Signature Lounge and Residences Sky Bar by Pinnacle any night of the week to enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s best Happy Hour set against a stunning sunset view, who will gladly help you with some top shelf Tequila suggestions. But for more in-depth Tequila experience, our Pinnacle Resorts concierge team recommends Vallarta Tequila Tastings.

Join Vallarta Tequila Tastings in their venue or book them for a private tasting in the comfort of your luxury accommodations in the Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone. Their knowledgeable Tequila Master will guide you through the rich history of Tequila making in Mexico and help you identify the subtle flavors and sophistication of a variety of specially selected bottles.

A private Puerto Vallarta Tequila tasting with Vallarta Tequila Tastings is the ideal way to become a Tequila connoisseur during your Puerto Vallarta luxury vacation, so that you can return home to education your friends that fine Tequila is much more than shooters and regrettable decisions.

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The famous Happy Hours at Signature Lounge and Residences Sky Bar by Pinnacle are truly ideal for enjoying top shelf drinks accompanied by a stunning Puerto Vallarta sunset every night of the week during your luxury vacation in the Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone at Resorts by Pinnacle. But if you are a wine-lover and interested in learning more about the burgeoning wine industry in Mexico, you may be interested in having a more immersive experience with some of the amazing vintages now being produced in our country. Uncork Mexico is the Pinnacle Resorts Concierge recommendation for wine buffs to discover new favorites while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta.

Uncork Mexico features exclusive wine tastings in Puerto Vallarta, both in a group setting or in the privacy of your Puerto Vallarta vacation rental at Resorts by Pinnacle. Owned by two engaging and knowledgeable Puerto Vallarta residents, hailing from Mexico and Brazil, Uncork Mexico travels extensively throughout the three major wine regions in Mexico to source incredible bottles of chenin blanc, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and viognier for white wine fans, and Bordeaux varietals, Grenache, tempranillo, dolcetto, syrah and petite sirah for those that prefer reds. They also have marvelous selections of rosé and bubbles to satisfy all interests and offer artisan cheese and chocolate tastings to enhance your wine tasting experience.

Though Mexico is best known for Tequila, and to a lesser extent, mezcal and raicilla, Mexican wines are gaining respect with wine connoisseurs and sommeliers across the globe. Whether a private wine tasting on your Pinnacle Resorts terrace or a group tasting in one of Uncork Mexico’s venues, which are all within easy walking distance, a Puerto Vallarta wine tasting is a wonderful addition to any Pinnacle Resorts vacation. Talk to your concierge for more information.

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Pinnacle Resorts is dedicated to offering the best vacation experience for each of our guests, with the only luxury accommodations in the Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone. For many of our visitors, a Pinnacle Resorts stay is their first vacation outside of a traditional hotel stay, and here are some of the most frequent comments we receive from our guests at check-out.

“We could walk to everything!”
At Pinnacle Resorts, we are fortunate to have a fantastic location right in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, in the vibrant Romantic Zone. Just outside our doorstep, guests have their choice of beach clubs, shopping, nightlife and live entertainment, galleries and more. For many of our guests, the only car ride they need is for airport transfers (pre-arranged by our concierge team).

“It’s like a hotel, but better!”
With sparkling infinity pools, Pinnacle Day Spa, Signature Lounge (with our famous nightly Happy Hour), a modern gym, housekeeping and our Pinnacle Concierge team, Pinnacle Resorts offers all the amenities of a hotel stay, but with spacious, professionally designed suites featuring full kitchens, in-suite laundry, large private terraces and more.

“I don’t want to go home!”
If there must be a problem on your vacation, it should be that you are sad to see it end. We love greeting so many familiar faces at check-in as our visitors return to Pinnacle Resorts year after year, making us their choice for luxury vacations in downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Experience the Pinnacle Resorts advantage and book your next vacation with us today.

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Food culture in Mexico is both steeped in tradition and on the forefront of foodie culture internationally. From fantastic street food to gourmet fine-dining experiences, you’ll find it in Puerto Vallarta, known in Mexico as one of the best culinary cities in the country. Pinnacle Resorts offers luxury accommodations in the Romantic Zone that are within easy walking distance to some of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, but if you are looking for a more interactive culinary experience, here are some of our Pinnacle Concierge suggestions.

Their motto is “become a local in 3 hours” and Vallarta Food Tours delivers. Take your choice of a day or night guided walking tour, their Mexology cocktail tour or culinary bicycle tours to visit off-the-tourist-track restaurants and sample some of Puerto Vallarta’s most delicious and traditional dishes, served up with a side of Vallarta history and culture.

Tacos, tastings and treats – whatever your dining preference, Vallarta Eats has a tour for you. Take a walking tour to some of the best taco stands in the city, spend a night out sampling some of the outstanding Mexican-fusion restaurants Vallarta has to offer, or satisfy your sweet tooth with their upcoming Chocolate and Vanilla Discovery Tour, launching this fall.

Looking for a more hands-on culinary experience? Chef Miriam Flores offers interactive cooking classes in 3-hour sessions where you will learn to prepare a traditional five-course meal focusing on local ingredients and Mexican cooking techniques.

Talk to your Pinnacle Resorts Concierge about these and for other culinary and restaurant recommendations in Puerto Vallarta. And try creating some delicious Mexican food in the kitchen of your Puerto Vallarta luxury vacation rental at Pinnacle Resorts.

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You may have seen, or been lucky enough to have experienced, the Andrew Christian SkyHouse, Penthouse & Townhouse at Pinnacle Resorts, but do you know its namesake?

Andrew Christian is the founder of a highly successful men’s underwear, swimwear and sportswear line, based in Los Angeles, California. The iconic line is sold in hundreds of stores around the world, including luxury department stores Nordstrom and Selfridges. Andrew has been featured in numerous fashion publications as well as on Good Morning America, Fox News, Entertainment Tonight, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer and MSNBC’s Hardball as one of the fastest growing companies in the USA.

Andrew always loved Puerto Vallarta, vacationing here often, but when he discovered Pinnacle Resorts, he knew it was the perfect moment and opportunity to expand his brand into luxury hospitality with a strategic alliance with Pinnacle.

The Andrew Christian residences offer exclusive luxury accommodations in the Romantic Zone, with two-bedroom suites, private Jacuzzi, spacious terraces with wide ocean views and, of course, the high style one would expect from a top designer.

You can tour the Andrew Christian Andrew Christian SkyHouse, Penthouse & Townhouse here:

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Any Puerto Vallarta vacation should be about relaxing, so adding a massage to your stay in our luxury Romantic Zone accommodations should certainly be on your holiday to-do list. Here are just a few of the health and wellness benefits of massage:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Relieves muscle and back pain
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Relieves insomnia
  • Wards off depression
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Increases balance and range of motion
  • Aids with digestive disorders
  • Relieves headaches

And, of course, the best reason to get a massage in Puerto Vallarta is that it feels great. Pinnacle Day Spa offers a full range of spa massages, including Swedish, Shiatsu, Hawaiian and Deep Tissue. And with prices starting around $30 USD for a 60-minute massage, you can treat yourself to more than one, for a true Puerto Vallarta luxury vacation experience.

The Pinnacle Day Spa in the Romantic Zone also offers other spa treatments including facials, body wraps and scrubs, reflexology, manicures and pedicures. Talk to your Pinnacle Resorts Concierge for a full spa menu and reservations.

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Puerto Vallarta known as being a city for foodies, with an incredible variety of restaurants, Farmers Markets and cooking classes to choose from, and dozens of exceptional eateries within easy walking distance of our luxury accommodations in the Romantic Zone. Recently, a fantastic addition has come to the Puerto Vallarta restaurant scene with the opening of Siam Cocina Thai.

From the successful team behind the always popular Bravo’s restaurant, we can now enjoy a true taste of Southeast Asia right in the Romantic Zone, in a beautiful space dedicated to producing the authentic flavors and dishes of Thai cuisine in Puerto Vallarta. Using the freshest local ingredients and traditional Thai spices and cooking techniques, customers have been raving about dishes like the Panang Curry, Pad Thai, Tom Yum Gung and crispy Spring Rolls.

The dining room is warm and inviting, but Siam Cocina Thai also offers delivery service, so you can enjoy Thai food in the comfort of your Puerto Vallarta luxury vacation rental. Siam Cocina Thai is located at Francisco I. Madero 271, and open Tuesday to Sunday from 5pm to 11pm. Visit their website at for menus or contact your Pinnacle Resorts Concierge for reservations.

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Pinnacle Resorts is a proud supporter and host of the LGBT community in Puerto Vallarta and with the only luxury accommodations in the Romantic Zone, we are a favorite choice for gay travelers. So why is Puerto Vallarta one of the leading beach destinations for gay travel? We have just a few reasons.

  • A warm welcome for the LGBT community. Puerto Vallarta is a safe destination for gay vacationers, with a very liberal and accepting view from our local population.
  • LGBT- owned businesses for LGBT travelers. Our local area has numerous businesses that cater specifically to the needs of the gay, lesbian and trans community in Puerto Vallarta.
  • Gay by Day. There are many gay tours and activities in Puerto Vallarta marketed specifically to the LGBT community, as well as numerous beach and ocean clubs that cater to LGBT tourists.
  • Gay by Night. Puerto Vallarta’s gay club scene is world famous and goes until the break of dawn.

Pinnacle Resorts is proud to be part of our local LGBT business community and honored to be the luxury travel choice for LGBT vacations in Puerto Vallarta on TripAdvisor. Plan your Puerto Vallarta vacation and book your stay with us today.

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In these days of Instagram and selfies, it is not surprising that everyone wants to look photo-ready and fresh. Healthy eating, good skin care and working out all help keep you looking your best, but if you are looking for a little extra, Puerto Vallarta is a great two-in-one vacation to relax and enjoy the sun, while getting a little refresh while you are here with a visit to a dermatologist or cosmetic dentist. With the prices for in-office procedures costing 30% to 65% less than in the USA or Canada, you can easily help offset the cost of your vacation with the savings. Here are some of the more popular cosmetic procedures in Puerto Vallarta for tourists.


  • Injectables like Botox and fillers
  • Laser resurfacing
  • Body sculpting
  • Photo-rejuvenation
  • Laser hair removal
  • Microdermabrasion

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Dental veneers
  • Teeth whitening
  • Crowns
  • Caps
  • Bridges
  • Composite bonding
  • Inlays and onlays

The quality of care from Puerto Vallarta doctors and dentists is equal to what one would expect in Canada or the USA, and with modern equipment, the latest technologies and prices so affordable for cosmetic treatments in Puerto Vallarta, many people take advantage and book a quick in-office visit during their vacation.  With that, a week of pampering at our luxury accommodations in the Romantic Zone, and maybe a visit to our Day Spa, you will return home fresh, relaxed and looking great.

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