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Pinnacle Flex Policy


Pinnacle Resorts Makes Vacation Planning Worry-Free

After a voluntary closure in mid-March, followed by a mandatory closure until the end of May 2020, as per the State of Jalisco health guidelines to keep our community safe, our team spent the entire month of June sanitizing all of our properties from top to bottom and training best practices to maintain a comfortable, fun, relaxing and safe environment for all our guests. And, in the past week, we are so excited that we have been able to welcome our first guests back in-house, very happily and responsibly!

We have such gratitude and appreciation for the dedication of our Pinnacle Resorts team members during a challenging time and for the effort that they are making to keep our guests secure while fully enjoying their vacation in any of our luxury vacation rental properties located conveniently in the heart of the Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone. And we are also very appreciative of the continued support of our past and future guests and have some exciting new offers to share to help take any worry out of your vacation plans to Puerto Vallarta.

We now offer updated reservation and cancellation policies which offer you both confidence and flexibility when booking your travel plans.

Book now and cancel your reservation without any penalty up to 96 hours before your arrival date!

This limited-time offer applies to new reservations only, so contact one of our reservations team members today by clicking via our Chat function for more information. While some restrictions may apply and discounts/rates are subject to change and may depend on availability, at Pinnacle Resorts we are fully committed to making sure that all of our guests are taken care of, despite any unforeseen situation. For guests that are already reserved but must change their travel plans due to travel restrictions or other circumstances regarding international health concerns, we are offering credits and are available to help rebook your stay in your favorite suite.

So, come and enjoy a safe, social-distanced, sunny, and stress-free vacation at Pinnacle Resorts. We are here, ready to welcome you when you are ready.

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Spirits of Mexico


A quick guide to the difference between the three cousin spirits of Mexico: Tequila, mezcal, and raicilla.

The Differences of Tequila, Mezcal & Raicilla

While Tequila is perhaps the most famous Mexican distilled spirit, it has two close cousins – mezcal and raicilla – that you should sample during your Puerto Vallarta vacation. Here is a quick learner’s guide to the differences between each spirit.


The most well-known, this spirit is made exclusively with the Blue Agave plant and to be called Tequila, it must be produced in our own state of Jalisco, in the Tequila region – much like how true Champagne must come from the Champagne region of France. Tequila comes in 5 distinct categories according to the amount of time it has been aged in oak barrels:

  1. Blanco or Silver Tequila (unaged)
  2. Joven or Gold Tequila (unaged)
  3. Reposado Tequila (aged two months and up to a year)
  4. Añejo Tequila (aged at least one year)
  5. Extra Añejo Tequila (aged at least three years)


Like Tequila, mezcal is also an agave-based spirit but can be distilled using a variety of up to thirty different agave plants and it is produced in several areas including Jalisco, Oaxaca, Guerrero, Durango, San Luis Potosí, Puebla and Zacatecas. Like Tequila, a Joven, mezcal has been unaged and a reposado mezcal will have been aged in oak barrels for two months to a year. However, some upscale mezcals can be aged for many years, giving the spirit a richer, deeper smoky flavor.


Like Tequila, raicilla is also a product of Jalisco but is distilled from two varieties of agave plants: Lechuguilla and Maximiliana. Raicilla was a bootleg liquor for generations in Jalisco, only becoming legal for sale in the 2000s, but with a sweeter and fruitier taste than mezcal, it has become increasingly popular with mixologists around the world.

The expert bartenders at Pinnacle Resorts can give you a personalized experience with all these spirits of Mexico and show you the proper techniques to drink them neat or create the perfect cocktail for your tastes. Be sure to visit Chictini by Pinnacle, Signature Lounge, or Residences Sky Bar during your next vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

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Photo by Francisco Galarza on Unsplash

Getting Ready to Welcome You Back!


Pinnacle Resorts is happy to announce that we are now accepting reservations for stays beginning July 1, 2020, and beyond. During this challenging time, as the globe has united in a common goal of good health, we have done our part to protect our community. Our properties closed on a voluntary basis in mid-March and are now part of the mandatory closure order issued by our government until the end of May 2020. During this time, we have had staff shelter at home with only essential team members – following social distancing protocol – on the properties for maintenance and security needs, and each and every Pinnacle Resorts staff member has received their full salary while staying at home.

We miss our guests and are looking forward to welcoming you back again soon. Should government guidelines remain unchanged, with businesses opening back up at the end of May, we will be spending the entire month of June focusing on sanitizing and disinfecting all private and common areas on our properties, with specific procedures that go above and beyond our already strident cleaning policies. We believe that the safety of our guests and team members comes first, above all else, so we will take that additional time before welcoming visitors back, to ensure that your stay is worry-free, healthy, and happy.

As the world reopens, we want to make it easy for our guests to return to beautiful Puerto Vallarta. For any guests that had to cut their Pinnacle Resorts stay short or cancel their stay due to world health concerns, we will be offering credits and are available to help rebook your stay in your favorite suite. We will also be offering special Summer Season Sizzlers, fantastic promotional rates to treat yourself to a luxury stay for less.

For the remainder of May, we will be working at home, but invite you to contact us via our Online Chat function or email.

We wish everyone good health, thank you for doing your part to keep the world safe and look forward to pampering you during your Pinnacle Resorts stay very soon.

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Sergio Bustamente: The Surreal Side of Mexican Art


Sergio Bustamente is one of Mexico’s most famed surrealist artists, whose sculptural pieces and jewelry collections are sent from his main gallery in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco – about a 4.5-hour drive from Puerto Vallarta, in Guadalajara – to buyers around the world.

Orphaned as a child in the city of Culiacan, Sinaloa, Bustamente was raised by his grandfather, a Chinese immigrant named Jose Chong, who became a lifelong inspiration in his work. When he was nine years old, he moved to Guadalajara, where motivated by his love of painting and the different ways that spaces can intersect, he began to pursue a degree in architecture. But soon, he realized that fine art was where his passion lay and was only 17 when he presented his first public exhibition. He then moved to Amsterdam to continue his profession as an artist, honing his craft there for two years before returning to Mexico.

Bronze sculpture work is the medium for which Sergio Bustamente is most well-known. His most famous piece, En Busca de la Razón (In Search of Reason) is located on the Malecon, the iconic oceanfront walkway in Puerto Vallarta that is lined with public art. In Search of Reason was unveiled in 1999 and is one of the most photographed sculptures on the Puerto Vallarta Malecon. The sculpture is a large bronze ladder that is approximately 30 feet high – and wide and sturdy enough that visitors can climb it for photographs – and depicts two small children climbing up while their mother beseeches them to come down safely.

Sergio Bustamente has said simply that the piece is meant to be a comment on “liberty”, but like all his work, the interpretation is always that of the viewer’s imagination. Talk to your Pinnacle Resorts Concierge for more information about this famous sculpture and for other Puerto Vallarta cultural suggestions.

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Semana Santa in Puerto Vallarta


Semana Santa, the Easter celebration in Mexico, is one of the most popular times for visitors to come enjoy a Puerto Vallarta vacation.  The city welcomes visitors from Mexico City and Guadalajara, looking to escape city life and enjoy the beach, as well as tourists from Canada, the USA and other parts of the world.

Semana Santa is a 2-week holiday period, with religious observances falling on Good Friday, March 30th, and Easter Sunday, April 1st, and schools in Mexico closed from March 23rd to April 9th.

During such a popular time for family vacations in Puerto Vallarta, traffic will be a little heavier than usual, making Pinnacle Resorts’ prime location in the Romantic Zone even more attractive, as guests can walk to some of the best beaches, shopping, nightlife and dining in the city.

Visitors should anticipate that many businesses, especially small family businesses, will be closed March 30th to April 1st, except for tourism-based business and major businesses like grocery and department stores.

We recommend that you visit your Pinnacle Resorts concierge to make restaurant and tour reservations as early in advance as possible during your Semana Santa vacation to ensure availability. But enjoy this magical time in Puerto Vallarta, one of the most fun and vibrant times of the year in the city, from your luxury vacation rental in the heart of the city, where you can enjoy the action or have a peaceful retreat.

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Although your vacation rental comes with everything you need for an incredible vacation, we found three new travel gadgets that are perfect for traveling to our destination.

Here are our picks for top travel gadgets of 2018 to enhance your trip to Puerto Vallarta.

The Sandless Beach Mat – With the beach just steps away from Pinnacle Resorts, this beach mat is a terrific addition to your vacation packing. This innovative beach mat features a unique weave that has a “one-way sift” ensuring sand will fall through to the ground and not come back up and sticking to you, your food, drinks or belongings.

$40 to $166 USD on Amazon

Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron – Cotton and linen are perfect fabrics for a Mexican vacation, but they don’t always pack well. Get the wrinkles out quickly with the world’s smallest mini travel steam iron, which is about the size of a computer mouse but packs a lot of power.

$17.99 USD on Amazon

Spectacles Sunglasses for Snapchat – Keep your social media game on point while looking stylish with these high-tech sunglasses that record snaps and sync them to your Snapchat Memories. As an added bonus, their case also functions as a charger.

$129.99 on Amazon

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With a privileged location in the heart of the Romantic Zone, Pinnacle Resorts luxury Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals are steps away from beaches, the famous Malecon and all the art, culture, shopping and dining found in this charming vacation destination. But it’s also a fantastic location for exploring the lush and beautiful jungle of our Sierra Madre mountains.

One of our top recommendations is visiting the Jorullo Suspension Bridge, the largest suspension bridge in the world, measuring an impressive 470 meters (514 yards) in length and hanging 170 meters about the Cuale River. You can tour the bridge by hiking across…. bring your camera, it’s an incredible view…. or for those that crave a little more adrenaline, you may cross on ATV or RZR vehicles.

Tours are accompanied by expert nature guides who will help you explore the extensive flora and fauna of the mountains. You will also visit El Salto waterfall, where you can take a swim in the clear, cool water and listen to the sounds of parrots and macaws overhead in their natural habitat.

Be sure to make time to explore not just the ocean, but the incredible jungle on your Puerto Vallarta vacation. Your Pinnacle Resorts Concierge can assist you with this or other fantastic Puerto Vallarta tours and activities.

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Our vacation rentals are not only located in the heart of the vibrant Romantic Zone, making them the perfect home base to explore the city, but they also offer easy access to some incredible day trips around the Banderas Bay region. This month, our pick for Pinnacle Trip is the Sayulita Festival.

Sayulita is Mexico’s premier boho-chic surf town, located in our neighboring state of Nayarit, about an hour and 15 minutes travel by car. From January 31 to February 4th, the 2018 edition of the Sayulita Festival will come back to this charming beach town, bringing film, food, drinks and more.

In addition to international film screenings, the festival will offer tastings from local distilleries and breweries with incredible food pairings of regional cuisine. Yoga classes, family-friendly events including a Kid’s Day and a fun run will round out the event. Or enjoy some of the year-round activities in Sayulita like surfing, paddle boarding, mountain biking, shopping in unique boutiques and sampling the many excellent local restaurants.

Click for more information on the Sayulita Festival or talk to your Pinnacle Resorts Concierge for information on this and other day trips from Puerto Vallarta.



It’s summer time in Puerto Vallarta, which is the perfect time to be enjoying your luxury accommodation in the Romantic Zone. We know that there’s nothing better than enjoying delicious cocktails while you take a break from the summer heat, so we’ve put together a list of the top 10 places to go to get the perfect cocktail in the Romantic Zone.

  1. Signature Lounge – Located on the top floor of Resorts by Pinnacle, enjoy an amazing cocktail with the best view in Old Town. Happy hour starts at 5:30!
  2. Bar La Playa – Fabulous recipes, super fun staff, and great atmosphere. This place is definitely one of our favorites.
  3. Joe Jack’s Fish Shack –  Best mojitos in all of Vallarta! We’re not kidding. You can have a classic mint mojito, or switch things up a bit with ginger, pineapple, strawberry, or our favorite, Passion Fruit.
  4. Twisted Palms Rooftop Lounge – Great atmosphere, and fantastic martinis. You can’t go wrong!
  5. Apache’s Martini Bar and Bistro – Ambience, cocktails, friendly staff, and as gay friendly as it gets.
  6. Bar Solar – Located right on the beach just past the north end of the Malecon boardwalk. Dip your toes in the sand and lounge in front of the ocean while enjoying fantastic cocktails and delicious food.
  7. Piano Bar and Jazz Garbo – We dare you to try the martinis!
  8. 116 Pulpito – Delicious tapas and creative cocktails make this place a perfect place to visit with friends or for a romantic date night. It’s not very big though – be sure to make a reservation!
  9. El Soñador – One of the most beautiful terraces in all of Vallarta, incredible staff, a great pool table, and delicious cocktails make this one of the best places to visit in Old Town Puerto Vallarta
  10. Panchofurter Brats and Bier Haus – If you’re a beer lover, or are travelling with someone who is, this place has a variety of national beers to try that are out of this world. For the not so keen on beer, they also have a great cocktail list.

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