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The holiday season is already upon us and if you are enjoying your Puerto Vallarta vacation in our luxury vacation rentals in the Romantic Zone, you are in the perfect location to get some things checked off your seasonal gift-giving list. Our concierge team has played “Santa’s helper” to come up with their picks for Best Places for Shopping in Puerto Vallarta. 

Isla Cuale: this is a great, outdoor shopping area full of vendors selling regional and traditional Mexican art and craftwork and other souvenirs. Not only is Isla Cuale a pretty location with some lovely restaurants located riverside to stop for lunch during your shopping excursion but is it within easy walking distance from our luxury accommodations in Old Town Puerto Vallarta. 

Basilio Badillo Street: just a short stroll from your luxury suite in the Romantic Zone, this street is called “Restaurant Row” and is also filled with specialty boutiques, wine shops, jewelry stores and more, making it easy to find the perfect one-of-a-kind gift. 

La Isla or Galerias Shopping Plaza: have your helpful receptionist at your Pinnacle Resorts property call a taxi for you to take a quick 10 minute drive to either of these modern shopping plazas that are filled with brand name stores like Hugo Boss, H&M, Lacoste, Forever 21, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, MAC and Liverpool (a department store similar to Macy’s in the USA). Taxi stands are located right out-front of each, making the return trip back to your luxury suite a breeze. 

For luxury brand fashionistas, fast fashion or handmade Mexican art and unique gifts, you’ll find it all in Puerto Vallarta! Ask your Pinnacle Resorts Concierge to help plan your day shopping in Puerto Vallarta. 

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No vacation in Puerto Vallarta is complete without some Tequila, the national spirit of Mexico made exclusively here in our home State of Jalisco. You will find Tequila shops all over town, many of which are just a stroll away from your luxury vacation rental in Old Town Puerto Vallarta at Pinnacle Resorts, and of course, Tequila is served at all bars and restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. But which one do you pick and how should you drink them? We have a quick Pinnacle Guide to Tequila to get you started. 

All Tequila is made from the blue agave plant, but it comes in 5 distinct types: 

Blanco or Silver Tequila: this is unaged Tequila which is idea for making mixed drinks like margaritas or palomas. But although the silver is usually unaged or sometimes stored for a few weeks in stainless steel tanks, there are some distilleries that produce excellent blanco Tequila that is meant to be enjoyed on its own. How to you tell the difference? Generally, by the price.  

Joven or Gold Tequila: this is the trickster of Tequila, as it is an unaged (blanco) version that has added ingredients, often caramel colouring, to make it appear like an aged Tequila. A gold Tequila is ideal for margaritas but be careful because the extra sugar in the coloring can be a great recipe for a hangover.  

Reposado Tequila: meaning “rested” this is an aged Tequila that has been in oak barrels for no less than two months and up to one year. This aging process is where the flavors and nuances of the Tequila take hold and resposados make up for the majority of Tequila sales. 

Añejo Tequila: this is an extra aged Tequila that will be in sealed oak barrels for a minimum of one yearmade in batches no larger than 600 liters per barrel by law. Añejo Tequila is made for sipping, preferably in a brandy snifter to really appreciate the flavor profile. 

Extra Añejo Tequila: this classification of Tequila was only made official in 2006 and must be aged over 3 years. They are usually very rich in flavor and color and come with a very rich price tag to match. 

Distilleries will also often bottle a “reserva de casa” which is a premium hand-cut bottle produced in limited batches, as well as flavored Tequilas and Tequila cream which are quite delicious and perfect for those who want a softer type of liquor.  

Pay a visit to Signature Lounge or Sky Bar at Residences and ask our expert bartenders for their Tequila recommendations at Puerto Vallarta’s best happy hour held every afternoon at Pinnacle Resorts.  



Dia de Muertos in Puerto Vallarta

If you happen to be vacationing in Puerto Vallarta during the first weekend of November, you will be lucky enough to experience one of the most beautiful and important cultural celebrations in Mexico: Dia de Muertos. Also referred to as Dia de  Muertos, and translating to “Day of the Dead”, it is a two-day celebration of the memory of friends and family members who have passed. Not a time of sadness, Dia de Muertos is a celebration of joy, love and memory, with many colorful traditions associated. If you are staying with us, you will be within easy walking distance to many of the celebrations. Here are a few you will want to see.

October 31

Stroll down our downtown city streets including Plaza Los Armas on the Malecon, Calle Iturbide, Los Arcos on the Malecon, Plaza Hidalgo and Lazaro Cardenas Plaza – all easily walkable from our luxury accommodations in the Romantic Zone – to see traditional Dia de los Muertos alters and carpets.

November 1

Visit the Plaza Los Armas and Los Arcos on the Malecon for a street party, music and dancing from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

November 2

Plaza Los Armas will host a full day of interactive activities, workshops and guided tours to help you participate and understand the history and tradition of Dia de Muertos in Puerto Vallarta.

Talk to your Pinnacle Resorts concierge for other Dia de Muertos activities in Puerto Vallarta and participate in what is perhaps the most important and iconic celebration in Mexico’s culture.

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Since 1992, La Dolce Vita has been a favorite for Italian food in Puerto Vallarta, with their iconic location on the Puerto Vallarta Malecon. They later opened a very successful second location in Nuevo Vallarta. But now, with their third location, La Dolce Vita Romantica, guests at Pinnacle Resorts have a perfect location just a short stroll from their luxury vacation rental in the Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone.

With a lovely building that features a beautiful brick-walled interior and a wonderfully large outdoor terrace perfect for people watching – both with checkered table-clothed tables, of course – La Dolce Vita can be counted on for some of the best Italian food in Puerto Vallarta.

Service is always quick and attentive, and the menu features a wide selection of not only vegetarian choices, but all kinds of pasta come with a gluten-free option, making this an easy dining out experience for any diet.

We recommend starting your evening with Puerto Vallarta’s best Happy Hour at either at Residences Sky Bar or at Signature Lounge with 2×1 specials on cocktails and wine set off with an incredible sunset view and then a quick stroll to La Dolce Vita on Basilio Badillo Street. Talk to your Pinnacle Resorts concierge for reservations.

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There is so much to see, do and explore in Puerto Vallarta, and with luxury vacation rentals in the Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone, Pinnacle Resorts is the perfect home away from home for your vacation, just steps to the best of the city. But although you can explore many of Puerto Vallarta’s most famous sights by foot from Pinnacle Resorts, sometimes you feel like taking a ride, and a new double-decker Puerto Vallarta bus tour is offering just that!

VallarTour Buses are now on daily routes, running from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, circling continuously through the city, on a circuit that takes about 2 hours to complete and has 12 hop-on, hop-off locations throughout the city. Board or jump off at any off their stops for photos or exploring, with another bus passing by approximately every 20 minutes, as many times as you would like during your tour, for as long or as short an adventure as you would like.

The top of the brightly painted double-decker busses is open-air and great for photos. Or ride in the air-conditioned lower level, and enjoy guided bilingual commentary about points of interest, Puerto Vallarta culture and history, and sights that you don’t want to miss.

Contact your Pinnacle Resorts Concierge team for more information or visit for more information.

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Although May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, is often confused as Mexican Independence Day, the true date is September 16th. Puerto Vallarta always holds a citywide celebration for Mexican Independence Day over the course of a three-day weekend in the middle of the month. Pinnacle Resorts luxury vacation rentals in the Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone are the perfect location to have you within walking distance to most of the events happening as the city celebrates Mexico. Here are a few highlights to add to your Puerto Vallarta vacation itinerary.

Saturday, Sept  14th
Charro Exhibition on the Puerto Vallarta Malecon

The famous Malecon is an easy walk from our luxury suites in downtown Puerto Vallarta and traditional cowboy (charro) culture is a huge part of pride in Mexico. 100 beautifully dressed charros in traditional costumes will ride down the Malecon on their groomed horses in a parade that starts at 10: 00 am. Later that day, at 6:00 pm, there will also be a live performance of dancing horses on the Malecon.

Sunday, Sept 15th
Viva Mexico Street Party

The main event of the Mexican Independence Day celebrations in Puerto Vallarta, the crowds will gather in the Plaza de las Armas for a street party with food stalls, live music, dancing, and the traditional “Grito” ceremony as the crowd cheers “Viva Mexico ”, followed by fireworks at 11:00 pm.

Monday, Sept 16th
Taco Fair in the Park

A national holiday from work, everyone will be in the Lazaro Cardenas park, right in the Romantic Zone for the Feria del Taco with taco restaurants from all over town competing to see who can present the tastiest tacos for the hungry crowd, from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Talk to your Pinnacle Resorts Concierge for more information about these and other ways to celebrate Mexican Independence in Puerto Vallarta this September.

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One of the reasons that Puerto Vallarta is such a popular visitor’s destination is that in addition to the amenities that you would expect to find in a world-class tourist destination (fine dining, adventure excursions, golf, spas, shopping, beaches, convention center, cultural activities, etc.), there are many little towns and villages that are close enough to Vallarta to make a great day trip but still feel like they are a million miles away. 

 El Tuito is exactly one such little town.  Located to the south of Puerto Vallarta, in Cabo Corrientes at the farthest end of Banderas Bay, El Tuito has a population of just 4000 and very much feels like a traditional Mexican little town.

The plaza (town square) is surrounded by some beautifully restored homes that all have a striking uniformity due to the particular orange hue of the local clay that is used for building here.  There is also a small museum where you can learn about the heritage and origins of El Tuito and its residents.

You will also find little shops selling locally grown and crafted items like handmade cheeses, organic coffee and raicilla, a local bootleg liquor similar to tequila that has only recently been made legal for sale.

Ask your Concierge at Pinnacle Resorts to arrange a taxi for you,  you can reach El Tuito by car in about one hour from downtown Puerto Vallarta or you can take a public bus marked “El Tuito” or “Botanical Gardens,” from the corner of Basilio Badillo and Insurgentes, located in Old Town of Vallarta.

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Choosing a stay in a luxury vacation rental in the Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone with Pinnacle Resorts means not only the convenience of full suite accommodations, but also outstanding resort-style amenities, like the Residences Sky Bar. 

Located on the rooftop terrace of Pinnacle Resorts 220Residences Sky Bar offers a breathtaking 360-degree view across the Pacific waters of Banderas Bay all the way to the horizon, city views of charming Puerto Vallarta and the lush jungle of the majestic Sierra Madre mountains. A meandering, sparkling pool with cross-over bridges invites a refreshing swim or catching some sun and a snooze on a pool lounger.  

Visit the bar and ask the friendly bartenders to whip up your favorite vacation beverage, or visit during our famous Pinnacle Resorts Happy Hour, daily from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm, and enjoy 2×1 top shelf cocktails and wine, while relaxing in the comfortable, shaded lounge areas. 

The convenience and amenities at Pinnacle Resorts have made us a traveler’s best choice for luxury vacation rentals in Puerto Vallarta. With more spacious accommodations than a traditional hotel room and fully equipped suites with washer/dryer, complete kitchens, and many suites offering outdoor BBQs and Jacuzzis or dip-pools, your suite is as much of vacation destination as Puerto Vallarta is itself. 

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If you are planning a Puerto Vallarta vacation this September, you will find that some local restaurants close during the month for annual holidays. But there are dozens of fantastic dining options, all located just steps away from your vacation rental in the Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone. One of our favorite late summer dining choices is Gernika Pintxos, where you can enjoy a taste of Spain, with a spicy twist of Mexico. 

Pintxos”, similar to Spanish tapas, are bite-sized portions, often served on a skewer or piece of bread, perfect for sharing. The chef and co-owner at Gernika Pintxos are originally from Spain and have created a menu of traditional and authentic tastes of the Basque region. This year, they are also excited to announce a new wine list, created in conjunction with the wine experts at Uncork Mexico, which features some of the best wines from Spain and Mexico to accompany your meal. 

With a location that offers an air-conditioned dining room or outdoor terrace seating with a beautiful view of the Los Muertos Pier, Gernika Pintxos is a Pinnacle Concierge “Best Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta” pick for summer dining. Contact them for directions or reservations during your stay in our luxury vacation rentals in downtown Puerto Vallarta. 

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