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Why is June Pride Month?


We know that June is the most colorful month of the year because of all LGBT festivals around the world and for the city of Puerto Vallarta it’s an important month since it has positioned as one of the most visited destinations for the gay community and not only because of the beauty of its beaches but for the extensive list of entertainment alternatives aimed at the LGBT population in its world famous “romantic zone”, but … Why is June pride month?

Almost all the dates that we commemorate today or know as “holidays” began with a conflict and this is no exception. The story of why June is LGBT pride month has its origins in New York in the mid-20th century, specifically in a bar called Stonewall Inn, a hangout for the gay community. Being homosexual at that time was considered a crime, which is why the New York police made arrests of gays and transsexuals who frequented this establishment; However, on the morning of June 28, 1969, something different happened, for the first time a group from the LGBT community refused to be arrested. More than 150 people were involved and they were the pioneers in raising their voices demanding respect and freedom towards sexual diversity; Over time the marches became bigger and better organized until they became the festivals we know today.

We know that love has many colors and Pinnacle Resorts prides itself on its sensitivity and its strict non-discriminatory policy towards all its guests, as well as being strategically located in the heart of the romantic zone of Puerto Vallarta, just a few steps from the best beaches, galleries, bars and clubs in the city.

Celebrating pride month is celebrating diversity and love in all its forms, we invite you to celebrate with us, you can make your reservation through the web site, we will be very happy to welcome you. HAPPY LGBT PRIDE MONTH!

A Perfectly Pinnacle Mother’s Day in Puerto Vallarta


Whether you are celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 9th, or Monday, May 10th (Mother’s Day in Mexico), our Pinnacle Resorts Concierge Team has come up with the perfect way to spoil mom. Here is our itinerary for a perfectly Pinnacle Mother’s Day in Puerto Vallarta.

An Inspired Workout

With a gorgeous view over the ocean, start Mother’s Day off with an energizing workout in the fully equipped Signature Gym.

Brunch at River Café

River Café, with a lovely location set on the Rio Cuale River within easy walking distance of Pinnacle Resorts, is serving a traditional Mother’s Day Brunch on Sunday and Monday from 8 am to 1:30 pm. Adults are $250 pesos/person and children between 6 and 11 are $150 pesos/person.

Soak Up Some Sun

Each one of our resorts, Pinnacle 179,  Pinnacle 180, and Pinnacle 220, offers a gorgeous pool with breathtaking views and comfortable loungers, for a perfectly relaxing Mother’s Day in Mexico.

Pampering at The Day Spa by Pinnacle

Give mom the gift of looking and feeling her best with a luxurious treatment at our spa. Choose from a menu of massages, body treatments, facials, and nail services.

Sunset Cocktails

All our lounges – Signature Lounge, Residences Sky Bar, and Chictini – host our famous Pinnacle Happy Hour in the evenings, timed and located perfectly to catch a stunning Puerto Vallarta sunset.

Dinner in the Romantic Zone

With a prime location in the heart of the Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone, our properties are literally a stroll away from dozens of the best restaurants in the city. Our recommendations to treat mom to a delicious dinner include: Azafrán, El Dorado, Kaiser Maximilian, La Palapa, and The Grill at CK, all within walking distance from your vacation rental. Talk to your Pinnacle Resorts Concierge for reservations.

To all the moms staying with us and to all the wonderful moms on our Pinnacle Resorts team, we wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day.

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Sergio Bustamente: El Lado Surrealista del Arte Mexicano


Sergio Bustamante es uno de los artistas surrealistas más famosos de México, cuyas esculturas y colecciones de joyería se envían desde su galería principal en Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, a unas 4.5 horas en automóvil desde Puerto Vallarta, a compradores de todo el mundo.

Originario de la ciudad de Culiacán, Sinaloa, Bustamente fue criado por su abuelo, un inmigrante chino llamado José Chong, quien se convirtió en una inspiración de por vida. Cuando tenía nueve años se mudó a Guadalajara, donde motivado por su amor por la pintura y las diferentes formas en que los espacios pueden entrelazarse, comenzó a cursar la carrera de arquitectura. Pero pronto se dio cuenta de que las bellas artes eran su verdadera pasión y con tan solo 17 años presentó su primera exposición pública. Posteriormente se mudó a Ámsterdam para continuar su profesión como artista, perfeccionando su oficio en la ciudad holandesa durante dos años antes de regresar a México.

La escultura en bronce es el medio por el que Sergio Bustamente es más conocido. Su obra más famosa, En Busca de la Razón se encuentra en el Malecón, la emblemática pasarela frente al mar en Puerto Vallarta donde encontrarás una grandiosa exposición de arte público. En Busca de la Razón se dio a conocer en 1999 y es una de las esculturas más fotografiadas del Malecón de Puerto Vallarta. La escultura es una gran escalera de bronce que mide aproximadamente 18 metros de alto, y es lo suficientemente ancha y resistente como para que los visitantes puedan subirla para tomar fotografías, y muestra a dos niños pequeños subiendo mientras su madre les suplica que bajen de manera segura.

Sergio Bustamente ha dicho simplemente que esta escultura está inspirada en la “libertad”, pero como toda su obra, la interpretación es siempre la de la imaginación del espectador. Habla con tu Concierge para obtener más información sobre esta famosa escultura y otras sugerencias culturales de Puerto Vallarta.

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Pinnacle Picks: Makal Restaurant


One of the things guests love about Pinnacle Resorts is that their luxury Romantic Zone vacation rental is perfectly located within easy walking distance to some of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. A recent addition to our neighborhood has been making a colorful splash on Puerto Vallarta’s already impressive culinary offer – Makal.

Located on Basilio Badillo, this charming eatery serves contemporary Mexican cuisine that is both delicious and creatively plated. Lead by Chef Israel Plascencia, who is always focused on fresh local ingredients, Makal is the ideal choice for those looking to explore a more Haute approach to Mexican food, that still plays true to the rich flavors and tradition of local cuisine. Complementing the food is a well-considered menu of cocktails, craft beers, and an excellent wine list.

The dining room – a hybrid of indoor/outdoor seating with a large front wall of sliding windows that open entirely – is a mix of downtown chic with polished cement tables and an eclectic collection of seating but with an updated Mexican vibe including beautifully tiled walls and vibrant hand-painted murals.

Service is attentive and friendly, with bilingual servers making you feel welcome from start to finish, who are knowledgeable about each dish on the menu, including changing daily specials that take advantage of the freshest offers from the daily markets.

If you are looking for a cool and unique dining experience in Puerto Vallarta, Makal is a fantastic option. Open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday, from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am, you can make a reservation at 322 354 9878, via OpenTable, or with your Resorts by Pinnacle Concierge.

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Trip Tips: How to Access Travel Money in Puerto Vallarta


Banking and accessing funds are always on the minds of any traveler, but luckily for guests at Pinnacle Resorts, managing spending money for your Puerto Vallarta vacation is easy while you’re enjoying your stay. We have a few “Trip Tips” to help you with some of the practicalities of your travel planning.

  • It wasn’t so many years ago that most restaurants in Puerto Vallarta did not accept credit cards, but our little city by the sea has become much more tech-savvy recently. In most restaurants, you can pay by Visa or Mastercard, some may accept American Express, and rarely will they take Diner’s Club, so be prepared with some backup options.  But also have some cash on hand, as it is still common practice for casual eateries, taco stands, and some family-owned eateries to only accept cash payments.
  • Most stores and restaurants will accept USD in place of Mexican pesos. The Canadian dollar is not a widely accepted currency in our city but can be exchanged for pesos at any of the numerous money exchange offices in the city.
  • Many visitors to Puerto Vallarta find using their debit card at local ATMs to be the simplest way to access cash during their visit and several machines do offer USD as a withdrawal option if that is your preference. One thing to note, the ATM conversion rate will always be less advantageous than your bank’s rate. Bank machines function in English and Spanish, so you can simply decline the “Do you accept this rate?” prompt and the machine will still dispense your desired amount using your bank’s exchange rate.
  • Traveler’s checks are not accepted in Puerto Vallarta.

Traveling to Puerto Vallarta has never been easier or more visitor-friendly, and your Pinnacle Resorts Concierge is here to help make your visit to our city and your stay in our luxury vacation rentals in the Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone incredible.

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Pinnacle Resorts da la bienvenida a Tintoque


Un galardonado restaurante de Puerto Vallarta se ha reubicado recientemente desde su ubicación original en Marina Vallarta hasta la encantadora Zona Romántica, y es una aventura gastronómica que querrás agregar a tu itinerario de vacaciones.

El chef Joel Ornelas aporta un toque y visión únicos para elevar la cocina tradicional mexicana con un enfoque particular en los ingredientes y la inspiración de la costa del Pacífico. Su enfoque vanguardista de la tradición y los sabores mexicanos le valió a Tintoque un lugar en los 120 Mejores Restaurantes de México en la Guía de México Gastronómico 2021 publicada por Culinaria Mexicana, entre los únicos cinco restaurantes de la ciudad que han ganado una distinción culinaria tan prestigiosa.

La fuerza impulsora detrás del concepto de Tintoque, el joven y talentoso chef Joel Ornelas, tiene un amor particular por nuestra cocina de la costa del Pacífico y ha trabajado como aprendiz en numerosos restaurantes de renombre en la Ciudad de México, Inglaterra y España, para perfeccionar su oficio antes de volver a casa para crear Tintoque. Un menú bellamente presentado tiene opciones para vegetarianos, así como para amantes de los mariscos y la carne, y las especialidades diarias aprovechan los mejores y más frescos productos e ingredientes comprados cada mañana en los mercados locales. Cada platillo narra una historia, tanto sobre el plato como en el paladar, con increíbles explosiones de color y sabor que querrás fotografiar y compartir antes de saborear.

Una de las razones por las que Pinnacle Resorts se ha convertido en la mejor opción para los visitantes que buscan rentas vacacionales de lujo en la Zona Romántica es que nuestra ubicación tiene fácil acceso a algunos de los mejores restaurantes de Puerto Vallarta, y estamos muy contentos de darle la bienvenida a Tintoque a nuestra colonia. Acercarte a tu Concierge Pinnacle Resorts para realizar reservaciones y comparte tu experiencia con nosotros en nuestras redes sociales. ¡Disfruta!

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Pinnacle Resorts Welcomes Tintoque to the Neighborhood


An award-winning Puerto Vallarta restaurant has recently located from its original location in Marina Vallarta to our Romantic Zone neighborhood, and it is a gastronomic adventure that you will want to add to your vacation itinerary.

Chef Joel Ornelas brings his unique touch and vision to update traditional Mexican cuisine with a particular focus on Pacific Coast ingredients and inspiration. His vanguard approach to Mexican tradition and flavors won Tintoque a place in the 120 Best Restaurants in Mexico in Guía de México Gastronómico 2021 published by Culinaria Mexicana, among only four other restaurants in the city to win such a prestigious culinary distinction.

Truly the driving force behind the concept of Tintoque, young Chef Joel Ornelas has a particular love of our Pacific Coastal cuisine as a Vallarta local who has apprenticed and worked in numerous renowned restaurants in Mexico City, England, and Spain, to hone his craft before returning home to create Tintoque. A beautifully presented menu has options for vegetarians as well as seafood and meat lovers, and changing daily specials take advantage of the best and freshest produce and ingredients purchased each morning from local markets. Each dish tells a story, both on the plate and on the palate, with incredible bursts of color and flavor that you will want to photograph and share before savoring.

One of the reasons Pinnacle Resorts has become a top choice for visitors seeking luxury vacation rentals in the Romantic Zone is that our location is within easy access to some of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, and we are very happy to welcome Tintoque to the neighborhood. Talk to your Pinnacle Resorts Concierge for reservations and enjoy!

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The Clean Beaches of Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta is one of the leading beach resort destinations in Mexico for many reasons – a wonderful climate, tours and activities, an incredible culinary scene, and a warm and welcome local population, among many others. But did you know that Puerto Vallarta has the cleanest beaches in Mexico with the largest number of Blue Flag Certified Beaches found here on our shores?

Blue Flag Certification is a recognition granted by the European Foundation for Environmental Education to beaches and marinas that meet an established criterion of quality, safety, education, and environmental information. Mexico has been participating in this international system of clean beach evaluations since 2012 under the organization of Pronatura, an environmental organization that strives to conserve marine and other natural ecosystems.

Around the world, there are 49 countries with Blue Flag beaches and Mexico has won 20 certifications, with 8 of those beaches located in Puerto Vallarta. To qualify, beaches are strictly judged under 33 criteria which fall under 4 categories: Environment Education & Information, Water Quality, Environmental Management & Conservation, and Safety & Services.

All the 8 Blue Flag Certified beaches in Puerto Vallarta are located within easy visiting distance from Pinnacle Resorts: Palmares, Camarones, Playa de Oro, Amapas, Conchas Chinas I, Conchas Chinas II, Garza Blanca, and the Hotel Zone. Talk to your Pinnacle Resorts Concierge for walking directions or fast and easy transportation to any of these clean local beaches and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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5 Restaurantes de Puerto Vallarta reconocidos por su excelencia culinaria


La sexta edición de la Guía México Gastronómico por Culinaria Mexicana, patrocinada por San Pellegrino y Nespresso ha sido recientemente presentada durante una gala virtual. Para esta edición, cinco restaurantes de Puerto Vallarta han sido seleccionados para formar parte de esta prestigiosa guía culinaria.

Desde el 2016, Culinaria Mexicana, ha seleccionado y premiado a los 120 mejores restaurantes de México a través de la Guía México Gastronómico. Este año, reconociendo el gran esfuerzo que los restaurantes están realizando a consecuencia del COVID-19, se nombraron 278 restaurantes en orden alfabético. Esta guía no es un ranking, es una guía para los foodies y amantes del buen comer.

Estos son los restaurantes de Puerto Vallarta que aparecen en la guía de este año:

Todos estos restaurantes, han sido seleccionados por su excelencia en el servicio, calidad en la preparación de los alimentos, creatividad, participación en iniciativas en apoyo a la comunidad y por ofrecer una experiencia gastronómica única a sus comensales.

No dudes en acercarte a tu Concierge Pinnacle Resorts para realizar reservaciones en alguno de estos restaurantes de Puerto Vallarta.

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