Yeah yeah…we get that there’s this whole supposed magic involved when you look out your window on Christmas morning and see beautiful flakes of snow falling softly to the ground. But then that snow turns to slush and ice, and then you’re slipping and falling everywhere and people suck at driving and it’s dark and stormy and just plain gross!

Okay, maybe we went a little overboard – but if you’re anything like us…the idea of waking up to beautiful sunny weather a in one of Pinnacle’s Romantic Zone luxury suites a few blocks from the beach seems like the perfect Christmas morning to us.

Here are 5 more reasons besides having no snow that makes us think Christmas while enjoying luxury accommodation in Puerto Vallarta beats a white Christmas any day:

1. The food. Christmas time in Mexico is an exciting time for food enthusiasts – there are dishes that are only prepared once a year specifically to celebrate Christmas.

2. Cultural traditions. There are all kinds of traditions around the holidays that are very interesting to learn about and participate in. For example, Las Posadas and the baking of a special kind of bread called Rosca de Reyes.

3. The holidays and celebrations last an entire month. Holiday celebrations in Mexico begin on December 9th and extend until January 6th.

4. Less material obsession. Christmas in Mexico tends to be less focused on the giving of material items and focuses more on the gathering of family and friends over shared meals and drinks. Isn’t this what Christmas is supposed to be about anyway?

5. Rompope and Tequila will always be better than Eggnog. Enough said.

Christmas in Puerto Vallarta is a different kind of celebration. You’ll always get a chance to experience a white Christmas somewhere else…but this year we invite you to share Christmas with us in Mexico and learn more about these special holidays in our country.

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