Five Drinks You Haven’t Heard of But Need to Try in Mexico


Most people make an immediate association between Mexico and Tequila – and Mexico isn’t mad about that! In fact, the region (the only region in the world) where real Tequila is produced is located just about 4 hours away from Puerto Vallarta. Mexico is proud of our national spirit and the Margarita, which most people would say is probably our “national cocktail”. But besides Tequila shots and Margaritas, there are some lesser-known Mexican drinks that you need to try during your visit to Pinnacle Resorts in the Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone.

  • Paloma: This cousin of the Margarita is made with tequila, lime juice, and grapefruit soda, or grapefruit juice mixed with mineral water. It may end up being your new go-to Mexican cocktail!
  • The rebellious relative of the Tequila family, Raicilla was bootleg alcohol, smuggled from backyard distilleries to the table. Like Tequila and Mezcal, it is made from the agave plant, but not steamed Blue Agave like Tequila, but roasted agave, like Mezcal. It is good both in mixed drinks and for sipping.
  • Mexican craft beer: Mexican brewing has a lot more to offer than just Corona and Pacifico. Puerto Vallarta has a huge craft beer scene, with two local craft breweries (El Monzon and Los Muertos Brewing Company) just a short walk from Pinnacle Resorts.
  • Mexican wines: The wine industry in Mexico, largely located in the Valle de Guadalupe region, has grown incredibly over the years, both in production and quality. Uncork Mexico is a great wine shop within walking distance that can help you find your new favorite; they also offer wine tastings, and they can deliver right to your suite.
  • Agua de Jamaica: For non-drinkers, Agua de Jamaica is a delicious and refreshing naturally flavored water made from the infusion of Hibiscus flowers. *It also makes a nice spritzer with a little tequila and soda water, for those that want to try a stronger version*

Talk to the friendly bartenders and servers at  Chictini by Pinnacle, Signature Lounge, or Residences Sky Bar and have them recommend what they think may be your new favorite drink in Mexico!

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Description: Mexico is more than Tequila shots and Margaritas. Here are some tips for drinks you want to try when you’re visiting Puerto Vallarta.

Featured picture: Margarita de Pepino at Residences SkyBar

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