Contrary to the norm, there are various reasons why Puerto Vallarta is a spectacular place to visit during early summer months. Although it may be hot, and there may be less events happening around town than during winter vacation months, here are 4 reasons we think low season is a perfect time to be visiting paradise:

Cheaper flights.Flights to Puerto Vallarta are generally much cheaper between June and July because less people tend to travel towards tropical climate when it’s beginning to warm up back home.

Cheaper accommodation. Following the airlines’ cue, hotels tend to drop the price on their luxury accommodation in Puerto Vallarta as well. We’ll be waiting for you here in the Romantic Zone!

Less tourist traffic. If you’ve been to Vallarta during the high season then you’ve seen how crazy busy it can get on the Malecon, and essentially every where else in the popular areas. While visiting during the low season, you’ll notice a tranquility that is really nice for those looking to stroll along the beach and relax without fighting crowds.

No need for reservations at popular restaurants. During high season, sometimes it can be very difficult to get a table at the more popular restaurants, especially the ones with ocean views. If you travel to Puerto Vallarta during the low season, you won’t have to worry about where or when you’ll be feasting.

These are only a few reasons why visiting Puerto Vallarta during low season is something we strongly recommend. Puerto Vallarta exudes the charm of old Mexico, and visiting between the months of June and July gives you the perfect opportunity to experience the magic. What are you waiting for? Book your Romantic Zone luxury accommodation today!

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